How Do Affiliate Marketers Get Paid?

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We hear a lot about Affiliate Marketing today and it is a popular way for someone who wants to earn extra money online. To become an Affiliate Marketer is easy and simple many options are available and most are at no cost or very low cost to start. Learning to be an affiliate takes a little time and practice to learn some basic skills. Usually you can be ready to start earning in a few hours with some simple methods. There are Free Resources to Learn about Affiliate Marketing.

The First Question many ask when starting is “How to I get paid?”

Here are some Types of methods you can earn with Affiliate Marketing.

Pay Per Sale

This is a common way for an Affiliate earns. You simply offer a product for a Vendor that will pay you a Commission or Payment upon completion of the Sale. Many Large retailers offer Affiliate Opportunities for using your assigned link to market and getting customers to their website where the sale is made. There are several online websites that offers 1,000’s of products you can market such as Clickbank, JV Zoo, Warrior Plus, Fiver and others. Once a sale is made you will receive a percentage of the sale as your Commission from as low as few percentage up to as much as 75% or even more.

Pay Per Lead

Some Companies are constantly building up their contact lists and will offer a “finders Fee” for sending interested customers to their website and provided they meet the “qualifications they are looking for in a Customer” you will usually receive a set amount per Lead you provided.

Paid Per Click

Some Companies will pay a small amount usually from as High a 1 cent to a fraction of a cent for people to click on their links. You send people to the links provided for the Vendor and when you earn their minimum amount for pay out you will get paid.

How Do I Get Paid

How you actually get paid will vary. Some vendors will pay by way of an online payment processor such as PayPal, Velle, Google Pay, Coin Payments, CashAp or one of the many other payment processors. Others will actually send you a check or do a direct payment to your Bank Account.

Make sure you check out all the payment details before you start as some have minimum amounts before payment, payment certain times each week or month and other details such as payment fees.

In Conclusion

Affiliate Marketing is a good way for the “average” online marketer just starting off or with minimal technical skills to begin to earn extra Money online with Affiliate Marketing! It can be a very Profitable way to earn and some Marketers like You have learned to Make a Full time Income working online offering Affiliate Offers!

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