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I am glad you found my page. My name is Steve Perkins. I am an online marketer with several years of Experience. I have worked with several programs from affiliate marketing to flyer and postcard mailing with good success.

I have helped many to achieve different levels of success and income levels. Simple easy to learn marketing strategies and procedures that produce good results.

I hope you will find some valuable information and tools to help you achieve your personal and marketing goals.

Steve Perkins
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Those who are looking for a rundown of the many ways that you can
promote your business can use this top ten list. Are you doing these to
promote your product? If not, you should be and you should be using them
daily to do so.

1: Get Viral:

Viral media is the method of sharing any pictures, any videos and even audio
that you can in as many ways as you can. This is what people look for and
want. Plus, they are most likely to pass it on to others, too.

2: Keep Optimized:

Be sure to keep your blogs and websites optimized so that search engines
find you. It is important to do this, but it is also very easy to do. There are
no over the top keyword rules you have to follow anymore.

3: Be Part Of The Community:

The more you interact with the Internet community, the more people that
know you and the more that visit your website. This translates into a better
bottom line.

4: Be An Expert And Share It:

You have to know your product so you can talk about it. Check out how you
can use website services like Twitter.com to communicate with others. With
your knowledge base, you will do well here.

5: Find Out Who’s Talking About You:

Who is posting on their blog about you? Who is creating a backlink to your
website? If you do not know, find out and be sure that you interact with
them regularly. This is one of the best ways to promote your product
without doing anything.

6: Draw People To You:

As opposed to the sales page, create a website full of information. Become
the authority on the product or on the topic. This will encourage others to
use your website as a base for information on their website. Encourage
people to link to your website like this.

7: Do Teleconferencing And Live Events:

If you love to speak in front of others, create a seminar and promote it for
your product. There is some cost here if you do not have the equipment to
do so, but you can use online services for next to nothing and get fantastic
results. The word “Seminar” speaks “I must be there” to those who are on
the edge of making a decision about your product.

8: Build Your Identity:

Find high traffic websites having to do with your niche. Then, once there,
build yourself up there. This may mean interacting in forums, creating guest
posts for the website and even submitting articles that they can use on their
website to promote your product.

9: Keep Updated:

Things change online often. The more ready you are for those changes, the
more you will be able to communicate them to your readers. You also may
find a new possible area to market in.

10: Be Consistent:

With any online business, consistency is what makes or breaks people. As
you consider the many ways that you can accomplish this, it is important to
focus hard on creating a daily plan and sticking with it. For example, post on
your blog daily. Visit forums and blogs daily.

How Do Affiliate Marketers Get Paid?

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We hear a lot about Affiliate Marketing today and it is a popular way for someone who wants to earn extra money online. To become an Affiliate Marketer is easy and simple many options are available and most are at no cost or very low cost to start. Learning to be an affiliate takes a little time and practice to learn some basic skills. Usually you can be ready to start earning in a few hours with some simple methods. There are Free Resources to Learn about Affiliate Marketing.

The First Question many ask when starting is “How to I get paid?”

Here are some Types of methods you can earn with Affiliate Marketing.

Pay Per Sale

This is a common way for an Affiliate earns. You simply offer a product for a Vendor that will pay you a Commission or Payment upon completion of the Sale. Many Large retailers offer Affiliate Opportunities for using your assigned link to market and getting customers to their website where the sale is made. There are several online websites that offers 1,000’s of products you can market such as Clickbank, JV Zoo, Warrior Plus, Fiver and others. Once a sale is made you will receive a percentage of the sale as your Commission from as low as few percentage up to as much as 75% or even more.

Pay Per Lead

Some Companies are constantly building up their contact lists and will offer a “finders Fee” for sending interested customers to their website and provided they meet the “qualifications they are looking for in a Customer” you will usually receive a set amount per Lead you provided.

Paid Per Click

Some Companies will pay a small amount usually from as High a 1 cent to a fraction of a cent for people to click on their links. You send people to the links provided for the Vendor and when you earn their minimum amount for pay out you will get paid.

How Do I Get Paid

How you actually get paid will vary. Some vendors will pay by way of an online payment processor such as PayPal, Velle, Google Pay, Coin Payments, CashAp or one of the many other payment processors. Others will actually send you a check or do a direct payment to your Bank Account.

Make sure you check out all the payment details before you start as some have minimum amounts before payment, payment certain times each week or month and other details such as payment fees.

In Conclusion

Affiliate Marketing is a good way for the “average” online marketer just starting off or with minimal technical skills to begin to earn extra Money online with Affiliate Marketing! It can be a very Profitable way to earn and some Marketers like You have learned to Make a Full time Income working online offering Affiliate Offers!

Top Reasons to Become an Affiliate Marketer

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1.Passive Income
While any “regular” job requires you to be at work to make money, affiliate marketing offers you the ability to make money while you sleep. Investing an initial amount of time into a campaign, you will see continuous returns on that effort as consumers purchase the product over the following days and weeks. You receive money for your work long after you’ve finished it. Even when you’re not in front of your computer, your marketing skills will be earning you a steady flow of income.

2. No Customer Support
The Affiliate Marketing Model is based on offering a product or service offered by a company or individual. They pay you a portion of the Sales and they take care of returns and customer concerns ensuring each customer’s concerns are satisfied.

3. Work From Home
Working from your home is a way to set up your campaigns and post your ads on the internet so people from all over the world can see your offers and purchase from your order link. This allows sales to be made “passively” any time of day or night. All can be set up from your computer, laptop or phone using tools and information most companies offer their affiliates.

4. Cost Effective
While some Business Opportunities require a membership or purchase to be able to market their Products most affiliate offers have no fees or costs to start promoting their offers. And you can choose from hundreds of products and services you wish to promote and matches your interests.

5. Performance Based Earnings
With most Regular jobs you make a Wage or Salary based on a time worked for the same amount for each pay period.
Affiliate marketing pays you based on performance. You basically get paid based on what you put into it. As you Grow your skills on reviewing products and services and putting together engaging campaigns and posting ads adn links on the internet you get paid more and more! Most all Affiliate Marketing does not limit the amount you can make.

6. Convenient and Flexible
You are essentially a Freelancer when you become an affiliate marketer and be you work when you have the time and with many affiliate marketing portals once payment is made they process the payments and send you your payments according to their Affiliate Agreement. This allows you again to earn Passive Income no matter if you are asleep, at your regular job, on vacation or watching a movie etc.

Holiday Weight Loss

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5 Tips To Burn Stubborn Belly Fat Over The Holidays…While Still Enjoying All Your Favorite Foods

Written by Drew S., CHC, AADP, Certified Health Coach

The holiday season is upon us.  From now until the New Year, we have lots of opportunity for celebration with friends and family, probably a few strangers as well. With all the festivities, how do you manage to stick to your diet and avoid putting on extra pounds? Or even better, still lose excess weight?

Some media states that the average person gains 3-7 lbs. Another study showed that weight gain was more prevalent among those who were already overweight. Those individuals averaged an increase of 8 lbs. over the holidays. And what’s worse? These studies also found that many people NEVER lose the weight that they gain, which then compounds over time.

Studies aside, perhaps what is more important is YOU!  What happens to your body over the holidays? Do you find yourself putting on a few extra pounds that you then struggle to let go of in the new year?

Would you like to avoid packing on extra weight and STILL get to enjoy all those great holiday parties and gatherings? The good news is that it is possible to enjoy the festivities and yummy treats without gaining weight.

The Challenge with Holiday Weight Gain

In the US, the holiday season is looooong. It essentially begins in October with Halloween (even earlier for some religious groups), where, if you take your kids to the right neighborhood, you fill your home with enough candy to last a decade.

Next, we have Thanksgiving.  The average daily calorie intake should be around 1800-2400 calories (depending on your height and weight). The average Thanksgiving meal is estimated to be around 3000 CALORIES. That is just the meal alone.  This doesn’t include any appetizers and snacks you have beforehand which average another 1500 calories. In one meal, you double your recommended daily caloric intake. Thanksgiving dinner is generally also packed with a ton of fat and sugar, which doesn’t help your body stay slim.

Immediately following the Thanksgiving holiday comes a whirl of holiday parties, luncheons, office parties, family gatherings and holiday baking events. The opportunities to over-indulge are plentiful.

Then there are the winter holiday meals ~ whether Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanza or another holiday that you celebrate, you likely have at least one holiday feast with loved ones to attend. These feasts also average 3000+ calories per meal.

It’s no wonder people gain a few extra pounds with all the delicious food, holiday baked goods, candies and beverages! Unfortunately, many people throw in the towel and assume that there is no way to get through the holidays without overindulging and gaining excess weight. But it is possible.

But enough about how much weight you’re likely to gain…let’s talk about how to keep it off and even lose a few pounds while you’re at it.

How to Enjoy Your Holiday Festivities and Still Lose Weight

The good news is that it IS possible to enjoy all those fun holiday events without being cursed to buy larger clothes in the new year.  You just need to plan ahead and be smart about how you enjoy your parties and festivities – and how you take care of your body in between all the events.

1. DON’T Skip Meals on Party Days:

People often think it wise to skip meals before parties and feasts to make up for the large meal that is coming. Unfortunately, this leaves you feeling hungrier and increases the likelihood that you will overeat. Instead, eat healthy, well balanced meals so that your body feels satisfied. This helps you eat smaller portions during the meal or party. Green smoothies are a great pre-party meal option as they are high in fiber and nutrients, and leave you feeling full and satisfied.

2. Use Portion Control:

You know that there is going to be a ton of delicious food at the event. It’s also likely to be very rich and not so healthy.  Holiday parties often have a limited selection of healthy choices, but the food that is available is super yummy! You don’t need to deprive yourself from sampling these tasty treats. Go ahead and have some homemade pie or try some of that decadent cheese dip. Enjoy it! Just practice some portion control.  Have a small piece of pie or cake.  Instead of hovering over the h’orderves and randomly grazing throughout the event, make a little plate for yourself with the treats that you want so you are conscious about how much you are consuming. Try a few bites of the foods you enjoy, rather than a full serving of each. Savor them as you eat so you actually enjoy them.  This also helps reduce excess.

3. Green Smoothie Meal Replacements:

With all the holiday excess, help your body rebalance itself by eating healthier foods between the festivities. Eat several servings of fruits and veggies daily to help your body clear out the overabundance of fats, sugars, processed foods and empty calories you are taking in during the festivities. Green Smoothies are a great way to get your daily servings of fruits and veggies, and help keep you feeling full. Replace at least one meal a day with a green smoothie to counteract the effects of your holiday festivities.

Watch Her Video Here

Mother Of 2 Loses Over 70 Lbs During The Holidays By Drinking Green Smoothies
Watch Her Video Here

4. Move Your Body:

Don’t let your exercise routine fall to the wayside over the holidays.  Give your body a chance to work off some of the excess by at least keeping your regular routine. If you have a lot of events and opportunities to over indulge, you might want to add in some extra time to help your body cope.

5. Do A Quick DETOX Between Festivities:

Build in a few detox days in between festivities to help your body clear out the excess. Properly made green smoothies make tasty and easy detox drinks that are great for cleansing the body of excess without leaving you feeling deprived of flavor. During the holiday season, detoxing the day or two after the party goes a long way to helping your body reset.  Once the festivities slow down in the new year, it is a great time to do a longer detox to clear your body and reset your diet to a healthier one. This is my favorite 3-Day Detox programs that’s PERFECT for the holidays.

The #1 Easiest Way To Stop Holiday Weight Gain Dead In It’s Tracks:

Why wait until New Years to start losing weight? By that time you will have put on even MORE weight and have a much taller mountain to climb. I’m all about easy, and that is especially true when it comes to losing weight and getting healthy.

Watch the Free Presentation below and Let me show you a super simple way to keep the weight off over the holdays AND even lose weight while you’re at it!


Traffic Tools

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In getting Traffic to your offers and links takes time and dedication. there are several tools that will help you with your efforts some save you lots of time in posting ads and Links to Thousands of Traffic generating Sites.

Traffic Secrets

I have found one Secret to Getting traffic is to first Understand what Traffic is and How to get it!

Click here to get Your Copy!

Posting Tool

Another tool I find very useful is Referral Frenzy it is Simple and Easy to use to post to multiple Websites in just a few minutes.

Join here today!

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Traffic Sites

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Traffic Tools That Work!

To Build a Growing Business you need Traffic to help you in growing your Traffic I have put together some of the Tools I use to more effectively build traffic. Traffic Tools that Work!

Free Traffic Sites Here to Join!

You Will Need Website Traffic To Build Your Business…Below are some Traffic Safelists and Viral Mailers that Deliver Traffic to your links…

Click on the Banners or Link and Join Free…

You can Join these for Free and you will get a minimal amount of Traffic with New Member bonuses.  Many will have some first time login Upgrade Specials for new members  with huge discounts for upgrades with many more Advertising Credits and other benefits.  Again join for free if your budget is limited, many of the lists have specials off and on.  

To join these Safelists and Viral Mailers click on the banner or the link:

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Welcome to GDI

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Hello, and welcome to my WordPress blog! With Global Domains International, anyone (including you) can create and host their own WordPress blog at their own custom.WS domain. In addition to my WordPress blog, I also have access to the following products:

Your own WS. (Website) Domain Name

Global Domains International is the official registry for all .WS domain names. When I began my 7-day FREE trial with GDI, I selected my own personal .WS domain name to use in conjunction with all provided services, such as hosting my own blog, website, and using truly personalized email.

Quick and Easy Website Building

GDI WebMail allows me to use my own domain name as my email address and I can access my email through my account from any Internet connection in the world!

GDI WebMail allows me to use my own domain name as my email address and I can access my email through my account from any Internet connection in the world!

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